Home Theater and Automation

Home theater is the art of creating a movie theater experience in your home. That doesn’t mean that you need a dedicated room with theater seating, any room that you watch tv, play games, or want to enjoy a complete cinema experience can become a home theater.

The right TV or projector with the right audio system and lighting can take your media to the next level. Additionally, home automation can compliment a home theater. Just push a button on your apple or android device and the your house dims the lights, closes the shades and starts your film! We design and install turn-key home theater and home automation systems throughout O’ahu.


There’s nothing like enjoying a great movie with friends and family in the comfort of your own home theater. Cabling Hawaii will design the system of your dreams — your specifications, your house, and your budget.


Control your home while there or away. Home theaters, whole house music, temperature, lighting, shades, security cameras, door locks, and more can be control from your phone or touch panels throughout your house. Create saved looks that automate multiple services at once. Is it movie time? Push one button and have the lights dim, the shades close, your home theater power up, and more!


Having issues with a system installed by someone else? Let us help you get your system working the way it did when it was installed! (or the way it SHOULD have been installed!) We can troubleshoot your home theater or home automation and recommend the best course of action. Let our experience work for you!