Data Network

Our copper and fiber optic solutions are perfect for any business looking to implement a new data network or to expand an existing one.

Fiber Optic vs Copper

Looking at each without any specific location factors, fiber optic is clearly the superior technology. Fiber is incredible fast, reliable, secure, and can be run in much longer, uninterrupted lengths. So, if fiber is so much better, why would you ever choose copper?

  • The building is already wired for copper and you only need to add or move a few lines
  • You need a very small network, with short cable runs and won’t be using the network to transfer large files
  • The network backbone is already copper and your budget doesn’t allow for upgrading the whole network

Cabling Hawaii can help you determine whether a copper or fiber optic data network solution is right for you!

Common Data Network Solutions

While we offer many solutions, here are some of the more common solutions we provide our customers:

  • New construction data network design and installation
  • Add a new wall jack in an existing office
  • Replace a copper network backbone with a fiber optic one