There are many audio systems and brands out there. Cabling Hawaii Inc will help you plan, design and install the right system for your business.


Distributed audio breaks a home or commercial building up into areas, or zones.  Each zone can play an independent audio source or they can all play the same.  Zones have independent volume controls so you can hear what you want, where you want to hear it, at just the right volume.  Scenes can be set up to simplify and unify your music listening.  Don’t need to carry your iPhone room to room, or crank the volume so you can hear it upstairs, as you clean, stream from your phone to the whole house!

5.1, 7.1, & ATMOS

There are many available audio formats available for home theaters or media rooms.  Surround sound is the way to go.  The question is do you want 2.1, 5.1, 5.2, 5.2.3, 7.1, ATMOS, etc?  We can help you understand your options and pick the right setup for your needs.  Listen to films as they were meant to be listened to!  We design, install and calibrate home theater audio systems to the highest standards!  Take advantage of or 10 years installing and operating movie theater sound systems.  Contact us today!


There are many options when picking the right speakers for any audio system.  Should they be visible, or hidden?  Ceiling or wall mounted?  What is the best placement?  We take care of all of that and make sure the speakers are aesthetically pleasing as well!